Today the use of online services is increasing at an exponential rate.
The number of cyber-attacks is also increasing rapidly to abuse these services.
Computer robots, known as “Bots” are posing as human users to abuse online services.
CAPTCHA is a technology which is able to distinguish between real human users and computer bots.
According to scientific research, almost all current CAPTCHA models are vulnerable against automated computer bot attacks.
VICAP (Visual Integration CAPTCHA) is a novel technology based on human psychophysics to stop internet bots.
Research is showing that VICAP is the most secure captcha model to protect your online services against automated computer bot attacks.
With VICAP you can be confident that you are only dealing with real human users and not computer bots!

Introducing VICAPTM

Visual Integration CAPTCHA

VICAP™ (Visual Integration CAPTCHA) is a novel technology which is based on the human psychophysics approach. This means that VICAP does not mean anything to bots, but it is extremely easy for humans to use. Watch the video to learn more.

Over 100,000,000
CAPTCHA Solved Every Day*

Current CAPTCHA Models are Vulnerable Against AI and Image Recognition Techniques*

VICAP is 100% Secure
Against Current Automated Computer Attacks*

*All the statistical results are according to our scientific research. List of our scientific publications is available on this website.

We’re all familiar with how rapidly technology is progressing as we all enjoy the benefits of this daily. It now takes only seconds to log into your bank account and move money, to set up a new credit account with a company, or you can become a brand new customer somewhere by ‘simply’ setting up a new account with a few details.

We also know that all of this data needs protecting too, and the first step in protecting it is to ensure that you’re human when you actually set the account up. That doesn’t sound too difficult does it?

As the bots have become more intelligent, the Captcha puzzles have had to remain more complex than the bot ability. The reality here is that many Captcha puzzles are being abandoned by users as they are too time consuming, they fail or the users don’t even attempt them at all because they already know it can be a very frustrating experience with some types of Captcha.

We ignored the existing models and knew we needed to adopt a purely human approach. It took years of extensive research into human mechanisms before we embraced the use of psychophysics to develop our VICAP Captcha.

Research is already showing that the VICAP Captcha is 100% effective against current automated robot attacks and is the most secure Captcha model available.

What Our Clients Say

I was sceptical at first but VICAP proved to be exceptionally effective and useful. Now we don’t have any issues whatsoever. And the pricing is designed to suit anyone’s available budget. Great product!

Jivko, London EDC

I had used CAPTCHA previously on my weblogs. However, I didn’t find it practical enough! VICAP helped me to rapidly reduce the number of spams I was receiving in my mailbox. This saves a lot of time and resources!

Eli, Weblog Writer

We’ve been using VICAP for our global recruitment website for a while. All of our customers are happy to use it and love this new captcha as it is very easy to solve and user friendly and we love it as we feel very safe and robot free. Also, great service and very friendly customer care. Thank you VICAP

Sarah, JobWall Global