We want the VICAP Captcha to be available to all sizes of business. Whether you simply have a small website for your blog or products and wish to protect the review process, or you are part of a large global corporation with databases to protect, we are a viable option for everyone.

Our pricing is simple. With a free trial, you will be able to use VICAP on your website for 10 days totally FREE. This gives you plenty of time to set up VICAP on your website and enjoy a spam free world! Install VICAP onto your site and it will spend 7 days protecting and monitoring your site assessing how many hits from both human and bot users your site receives. After the 7 days have expired, VICAP will provide this information with the suggested tariff for your site. You will then have 3 days of continued free usage to give you time to consider the suggested package totalling 10 totally free VICAP protected days.

Different bands or subscription packages depend entirely upon the total number of hits to your website and the volume of website traffic. Your tariff band may need to change from month to month according to your traffic and usage but we understand that you don’t want to spend hours analysing your sites statistics and traffic. VICAP will automatically alter your tariff for you to ensure that you are always in the correct package enjoying full protection but also to ensure you are not paying too much for your service. Our policy is fully transparent as your dashboard will reveal the actual statistics that your package is based upon.

For charges and information on upgrade or downgrade plans and refund policies please see our Terms & Conditions on this website.


£ 25 /month
  • Hits per Month
  • Up to 1000
  • (This can be total number of human visitors and bot attacks to your website)


£ 100 /month
  • Hits per Month
  • 1001 to 5000
  • (This can be total number of human visitors and bot attacks to your website)


£ 250 /month
  • Hits per Month
  • 5001 to 10,000
  • (This can be total number of human visitors and bot attacks to your website)


Please contact customer service for your tailored quotation

  • Hits per Month
  • Over 10,000 hits
  • (This can be total number of human visitors and bot attacks to your website)
*All charges are exclusive of VAT. MRB Corporation is a UK registered company and is obliged to add a 20% VAT charge to all prices.


Customer Referral Program

At VICAP we understand the power of a recommendation. We have spent years researching the best way to create our product and it was all with you in mind. How we can best protect your site, give you pleasant service which is easy to use and additional features which will help you with your business via tools such as the dashboard.

We want you to love our product as much as we do but we also want as many people as possible to share the benefits of using VICAP.

There is nothing better than somebody we trust suggesting a product that could be a great solution for us. It saves us time and eliminates the need for endless research and trial and error trying to find our own solutions.

It’s for these very reasons that we have introduced a new Customer Referral Program. If you share the benefits of your own experience and introduce VICAP to someone else, you can receive the value of their first month subscription as our thank you! Please contact us to find out know more about CRP program and its advantages. Terms and Conditions apply.